Unavoidable Questions

20 Unavoidable Questions & Chilling Answers!

1. During the 2008 Presidential Election, did the American people vote for a President of the United States or a Citizen of the World?

2. While running for the highest office in the land, why wasn’t Obama’s origin, background, associations, voting record, etc. ever considered for investigation?

3. Where is the outrage, outcry, and opposition to the deviant direction our country is going from the Republican side?

4. Is this the “change” America voted for?

5. When it comes to future voting on any level, how can we avoid “buyer’s remorse?”

6. Where does the “Blame America First” rhetoric come from?

7. Why is Congress at war with the American people?

8. If “Rent To Own” falls under the category of “predatory” lending, which category does “Borrow & Print To Loan & Own” fall under?

9. Why are there all-out efforts to transform the American society through the judiciary–without regard to the Constitution and without the consent of the people?

10. We know that lying and stealing are both wrong and immoral, regardless of perpetrator. Why is there an exception when done by the government?

11. Why are we labeled “greedy” because we primarily want to support our families with the money we earn, and not be obligated to support any unknown family?

12. Why does government oftentimes disregard history, evidence, and reason, when it comes to making “good” policy decisions?

13. After the “911” terrorists’ attack on our nation, we thought closed borders and enforced immigration laws should have been our first line of defense. Why is it so clear that the government has no intention of fixing the U.S. economy or keeping America safe?

14. According to the Heritage Foundation report, Congress recently canceled vouchers offered to low-income families for private education, which was half the annual price of public schools. Why is there a strong push for a “nanny state” despite a growing public preference for private education, its comparative success, and cheaper costs?

15. Why is there a government assault on religious liberties?

16. Why does government ban most oil drilling, knowing it will lead to energy independence?

17. Why is immigration anarchy committed by Democrats and Republicans alike?

18. According to the Human Events report, many state and local government budget problems have escalated to the point where even teacher’s unions and school districts are looking for taxpayer bailouts in the billions. Why do you think the government is all too eager to deliver?

19. Why is the defense budget being cut in a time of war, all the more ignoring the military’s overriding strategic mission to be able to fight two wars at once?

20. Who should represent us (55 million who did not vote for Obama) and those who regret voting for Obama?


1. Citizen of the World

2. Only John Mc Cain and the Mainstream Media knows

3. There is none. We must remember that the game is always the same; the players are just different. If we try to change the game, all the players will unite in resistance, and try to intimidate us. The Mainstream Media (their cheerleaders) will try to marginalize us. And the bureaucrats (their season ticket holders) will join in protest. This is all the more reason why we the people must withdraw our support, stop attending the game, and shut down the whole operation with the “vote” and the “remote.” This is the only way the sorry players, the shameful cheerleaders, and the sinister season ticket holders will be convinced that we mean business . . . and any American game starts and ends with “a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

4. Yes and No, depending on your perspective. See Obama 100 for details.

5. That’s simple; when candidates show you who they are, believe them! Do not give them the benefit of the doubt.

6. Anti-Americans and enemies . . . no matter who you are, you are either “for” America or “against” America.

7. The answer is twofold: 1) Power corrupts; Absolute power corrupts absolutely 2) To move every proud, patriotic, God-fearing American from “enragement” to “engagement,” with the sole purpose to unite against tyranny in any form.

8. According to the Federal Reserve and the Obama Government, it’s “obligatory” lending.

9. The answer is twofold: 1) Judiciary jackals are very uncomfortable with American traditions, customs, and values; 2) They strategically serve as scapegoats for Congressional leaders and bureaucrats who prefer not to be identified or associated with outright deviant (unconstitutional) decrees.

10. Flagrant thievery and back door schemes by the government are virtues to be compelled for the “public good” or in the “public interest.”(Thanks, Mark Levin)

11. Do not get “sucked in” by the mislabel. Judas Iscariot had asked a similar question (John 12:3-6). We must never forget who the primary beneficiary is–“holding the bag” . . . and it’s not the unknown family.

12. First of all, “good” policy decisions are “common sense” decisions that benefit the American people only, and undermine the government’s commitment to civil restraint and servitude. Secondly, history, evidence, and reason, are moot points where ideological preferences exist.

13. The government intends to create new national crises only to provide socialistic solutions, by creating environments that will exacerbate warfare of any kind, demanding more government intervention, control, and protection.

14. Congress is not interested in child success rates or cheaper educational costs; Congress is interested in federal control and educational indoctrination (Thanks, Chuck Norris).

15. Religious Liberties stand in the way of the Liberal Social Revolution.

16. Energy decisions that will maintain and grow America’s independence and greatness in the world are too self-serving in the globalists’ view, and will actually revive the free market, which means too much “capitalism” and less government control and regulation.

17. The answer is twofold: 1) Both parties desire to increase the probability of a national crisis in order to grab more power, by providing the perfect socialistic solution –especially the liberal Democrats . . . while the Republicans are willing abettors, and 2) Both parties desire to add to their population counts in represented areas, which translates into more Congressional seats and more tax dollars sent their way.

18. Government’s engineered plan to grab, control, and redistribute America’s wealth is working . . . unhindered by capitalism and free markets. Reminder: Government-reliance must be eagerly delivered, whereas, self-reliance must be eagerly discouraged.

19. To incite the American people to (constitutionally) declare their independence from an oppressive and destructive form of government. Click the Declaration of Independence for details.

20. Only leaders and candidates who preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution–all others, regardless of political party, pursue a return to power for power’s sake, and not to represent the people, uphold the Constitution, and benefit the America we love.

The America we love is at stake.

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