Too Busy?

Too busy and don’t have a lot of time for reading?
We specially designed this website to fit into any busy schedule.
Note: All information on this website concisely reflects the editorial positions of The America We Love, Foundation. More importantly, by choosing “green” and brown colors for this webpage, we not only save you time . . . we believe we just saved a tree.

Special kudos to all Tree Huggers and “Go Green Gangsters” (We fondly coin as The Rootless & The Ruthless) antihuman crusaders.

Even though you painstakingly try to lead us to poverty and misery (through imminent domains, government restrictions, and absurd prohibitions that reduce the use and value of our properties), we still pursue progress and modernity, where the GRASS IS GREENER and is essential to our well-being and fulfillment.

On the “real” (ebonic slang for real side), we do care about you more than we care about trees, endangered species, carbon dioxide emissions, and the like. No matter how disturbing . . . just like God, we actually believe you have more value.

Good luck with your future job search.


A Government of The People, by The People, and for The People

The America we love is at stake.

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