Three Step Plan

1. Read and uphold the American’s Creed.

2. Join us and share this website with other patriotic Americans. To join, simply buy or sell our products and/or send a donation of any amount. Your support will send a clear message to the deviants that you value our nation’s founding principles, and as representatives, you expect them to uphold them. Click Where Do Donations Go? for more details.

3. Only support God-fearing, American-loving, Constitution-yielding, conservatives.

American patriots have always been America’s most valuable resource working together to defend the country against “absolute despotism.”

Therefore, we, the American patriots, greatly anticipate Election Day 2012 and all future elections. They will be golden opportunities to dismiss the deviants and show them the true meaning of the founding phrase, “governments deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”

The America we love is at stake.