Money Madness & The American Resolution

A summary excerpt by Mike Huckabee,

“. . . But in what I call ‘Wall Street-to-Washington Axis of Power,’ different rules apply. Your bank is failing because you lent billions to unqualified borrowers? No problem: Here’s a multi-billion-dollar bailout to cover your losses – and to pay yourselves obscene bonuses. Your trillion-dollar budget has no room for a new set of big-government entitlements? No problem: We’ll just print a few trillion more dollars – and worry about inflation later.

That may not be the ‘change’ that Americans voted for last November – but it’s the change we’re all getting. And we’re stuck with it for at least a few more years.”

The American Resolution

Because the corruption of America’s principles, traditions, and values have reached critical mass in our time and right before our eyes, we the people resolve to rebuild America without “the rats and their droppings.” Americans have done this very thing in the past, and we will do it again.