From the viewpoint of “Main Street” Americans, it’s no secret that the Mainstream Media has become a “joke” and has relegated itself to mere comedy. What’s even more laughable is its obvious blindness. Whenever the Mainstream Media callously abandons integrity and objectivity for any reason, it’s only to its own hurt and reputable detriment.

Consider a simple axiom: “The more truth one ignores, the more one is ignored” — a truth which so evidently echoes with “Main Street” Americans but eludes the Mainstream Media. How could this be? How could anyone be so smart yet miss something so obvious?

Even Common Sense teaches this second axiom, “Start with the truth, because you will always end with the truth.” OOPS!!! Our apologies, this axiom happens to carry more “God Sense” than Common sense, and we forgot that the Mainstream Media is Anti-God . . . and as such, it would be all too sinful to blindly follow God Sense and consistently report the truth.

Just think about it! What does the media have to lose by reporting the truth? It did not cause the news; it only has to report the news. Since there is no logical explanation, can you say “Diabolical”?

Consider a third and final axiom: “Fabricated Stories and Comedy Lines are the same.” Now go figure . . . “Main Street” Americans prefer viewing Saturday Night Live and Comedy Central to get today’s news.

Happy Ratings!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Because additional axioms could cause serious injury, possible nervous breakdown, or even incite a demonic outbreak among media pundits and liberal politicians, our editorial board decided to limit this webpage to only three.