Gulf Oil Spill

Green Obstructing Solutions to
Unified International & Protect
Liberal Local Inlanders from
Fanatics   Large,
Leakages of oil

Amid one of the greatest environmental catastrophes in U.S. history, we would think the environmental extremists and their cohorts would be extremely vocal and critical regarding Obama’s handling of this matter, yet they are curiously silent.

Where is the outrage from the Save-The-Earth squadrons, Environmental Protection Agency, Sierra Club, Hollywood, Animal Rights Activists, and the like? What if this disaster belonged to John McCain and Sarah Palin?

The king clearly has no clothes . . . and the leftists are all too tickled to cover him.

What a rare opportunity to criticize and diminish Big Oil and to push the Liberal’s agenda for climate and energy reform.

Other related agenda items include, but are not limited to:

1) extended moratorium
2) increased unemployment
3) greater dependence on foreign oil imports
4) higher taxes and energy prices
5) solar panels
6) wind turbines
7) continuous dismantling to downsize America to lesser nations

This is the leftists’ idea of “change.” Their lunacy has reached critical mass.

The America we love is at stake.