Enlightenment vs Un-Enlightenment

Modern EnlightenmentvsTraditional Un-Enlightened
Abortion is legal.vsAbortion is immoral.
Bankruptcy is A Political ProcessvsBankruptcy is A Judicial Process
Chides The MilitaryvsChampions The Military
Constitutional ManipulationvsConstitutional Interpretation
Environmental ControlsvsEnvironmental Concerns
Evolution Explains The Existence of the UniversevsCreationism Explains Why There Is A Universe
Excess Government Is Critical To Economic Recovery & ProsperityvsLess Government Is Critical To Economic Recovery & Prosperity
Excludes GodvsIncludes God
Exposing Military TacticsvsExposing Military Tactics is Treason
Good and Evil are Relative TermsvsGood and Evil are Relative Terms
International PanderingvsNational Pride
Loathes America’s Values & VirtuesvsLoves America’s Values & Virtues
Military DisarmamentvsMilitary Dominance
Peace Through AppeasementvsPeace Through Strength
Right and Wrong are CompatiblevsRight and Wrong are Combative
Secular SocialismvsJudeo-Christian Capitalism
Undermines ConstitutionvsUpholds Constitution
Vacancy VotingvsValue Voting
Waterboarding is TorturevsAmputation, Beheading & Burying Alive are Torture

The America we love is at stake.

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