Crisis Management

Crisis Management

Today’s crisis management by government, can easily be summed in two observations and in two words.

As president Obama’s chief of staff, Rahn Emmanuel, openly admitted, “Rule one: Never allow a crisis to go to waste. They are opportunities to do big things.”

Rule two: Adhere to Rule one.
Do you remember when President Obama threatened that “crisis will turn to catastrophe” if his stimulus package wasn’t quickly passed?

It’s egregiously clear that the government is the pioneer and biggest profiteer of most crises. By taking away decision making from the free market and blocking its recovery actions to use available resources to curtail the given crisis, the government imposes new restrictions and regulations on the very resources that are needed for curtailment, thus sabotaging recovery, and then blaming the very industry it sabotaged for alleged misdealing. Can you say, Power Grab?

Today’s crisis management is the totalitarian template for socialistic interventions.

The America we love is at stake.

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