A - Z Admonitions for ``The Imposter``

A – Z Admonitions for “The Imposter”

Don’t Apologize for America.
Don’t Berate America’s founding principles.
Don’t Criminate those Americans who oppose and expose you.
Don’t Dismantle America’s National Security.
Don’t Enjoin America to anyone without the consent of the people.
Don’t Fleece the American economy.
Don’t Gamble with America’s future existence.
Don’t Hijack the traditional meaning of “marriage” and promote societal decadence.
Don’t Impede America’s productivity, progress and prosperity with increased taxation and environmental extremism.
Don’t Jive the American people with bull_ _ it speeches about “change.” (I know . . . Shhhh!!! Don’t wake the people before they realize you meant the kind of change that is good for Obama and Globalists, and bad for America).
Don’t Knock the Veterans.
Don’t Lecture America. We dissent your radical views.
Don’t Malign America’s history, traditions, and values.
Don’t Negate The American Spirit.
Don’t Ostracize Israel.
Don’t Piss on American troops with (so-called) war crime trials and prosecutions.
Don’t Question America’s Constitution.
Don’t Redistribute America’s wealth and reward failure.
Don’t Spy for the enemies of America by exposing military tactics, and
Don’t sit with the enemies and sign agreements to America’s detriment.
Don’t Tolerate anti-American sentiment or anti-semitism.
Don’t Unify with rogue nations.
Don’t Visit America in the future. Stay in your native land, or in that country where your favorite dictator resides. Even though the mainstream media ignored it, we caught the most revealing words of your presidency:
“My approval ratings are very high in the country of my birth.”
Don’t Waste trillions of America’s hard-earned dollars on (historically) failed policies only to recant, and not actually refund a meager portion of the spoil.
Don’t be Xenophobic toward Americans who are Judeo-Christians & Right-Wing Conservatives.
Don’t Yap while we the people reclaim and take back America.
Don’t be too Zealous to resist America’s redemption. Even though you managed to escape the constitutional eligibility requirements to hold the nation’s highest office, don’t play “the fool” and impeach yourself. George Soros may get upset.


A Special Shout-out to the Left-Wing Mainstream Media and Certain Pundits who love to decry “racism” at every opportunity.

Because of you, this webpage purposely contains certain words, undoubtedly formulated and provided by a proud, patriotic, God-fearing, Black American, who graduated from Rice University and who’s not an African American. The difference is birthplace–an innocent word which proved “too dangerous and too substantial” for you to investigate during the 2008 Presidential Election Campaigns.

A Special Shout-out to all the Haters.

Because you exist, I gladly provide the following disclaimer:

The content on this page is directed toward “The Impostor” only, and is not intended to be an indictment against President Barack Hussein Obama, II.

A Special Shout-out to former President William Jefferson Clinton.

Because of you, America will always remember and rely on the infamous Bailout Question/Answer of all times: What is, Is? Your natural shrewdness and oratory maneuvering are second to none. America must admit that you are “smoother than oil,” even with your clothes on. We love you, Bill. Now get your “A_ _” out of the “profiteering” mode and get back into the “patriotic” mode. It’s time to cut ties with the Counsel on Foreign Relations, roll up your sleeves and pull Obama’s coattail before it’s too late to grab a leash. Remind “The Impostor” of your patriotism when you wisely stated:

“There is nothing wrong with America that
cannot be cured by what is right with America.”

And Lastly, A Special Shout-out to all those Americans who . . .

“cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them.” We love you Pennsylvania.

The America we love is at stake.

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