Acid Test

Acid Test

If you desire to serve and represent America by running for office or staying in office, you MUST:

Love God – Pray and seek the Lord’s will and direction for service, and not power.

Love Family – Support adoption and not abortion (or support life and not death).

Love Country – Uphold the Constitution and champion our Military.

If you have a dissenting opinion or viewpoint, please move to that country you so love, admire, and proud of . . . and leave America alone. We the people love our country; we love our heritage; and we love our freedom. Our brim is full and we’ve seen and experienced enough charlatans and impostors whose ambition and agenda are one of subversion and conformity to a lesser nation.

We the people know the difference between “republic” and “regime.” And we choose a republic everytime, because– like you, we also like being in control. Even more importantly, we like having the power and advantage of two controls: The “Vote” and The “Remote.”

The difference between us and you is that we the people have not drunk, nor do we care to drink the Kool-Aid of “absolute power” that you and your global conrads slavishly thirst for. And because we don’t want to deprive you of your freedom to drink as much of this Kool-Aid as you want, we are making you this special offer.

Special Offer

Please check the entries below to register and receive our special offer.

__ Yes, I would like to relinquish my current position.

__ Yes, I would like a one-way airfare ticket to move to the country of my choice.

__ Yes, I would like to take advantage of the package deal which includes family and friends.

Our special offer is available only under the following three conditions:

1) You must hate America
2) You must desire to change (or conform) America to another country.
3) You must not visit America within twenty years.

After a careful evaluation of our FCA (Freedom Cost Analysis), we the people determined that the feasibility and affordability of this special offer would be staggering. And we’re all too glad to make such an offer available immediately–that is, before you create another national crisis, for which only you have the perfect “socialistic” solution. We will even pay you to pack your bags.

As always, this offer is backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. Government, better known as the US Government (without the abbreviated periods). We, the taxpayers, are, after all, “the full faith and credit behind the United States Government.”

Don’t Delay, Register Today!

The America we love is at stake.

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