A-Z Trump Accomplishments



Our goal is to provide just a few concrete reasons to reelect President Trump in 2020.

African-American, Hispanic & Asian American unemployment experience record lows.

Border security and wall construction account for 40% less illegal crossings.

Consumer confidence is at an all-time high.

Dow Jones Industrial Average, S & P 500, and NASDAQ have all hit record highs.

Established a National Council to train & retrain American workers for high-demand industries.

Formed a new division in HHS to protect the rights of conscience and religious freedom.

Growing the economy by reigning in the EPA and other overblown government agencies.

Halted Obama’s “Land Grab” and finished Dakota Access Pipeline, freeing We The People to use our own natural resources, as well as, unleashed innovation for American farmers.

Investigations division of ICE arrested 796 MS-13 members in 2017, an 83% increase from the prior year.

Judicial nominees are constitutional conservatives, and not radical revisionists.

Killed numerous terrorists who pose a threat to American freedom and encouraged technology companies to enforce their terms of service that forbid the use of their platforms for terrorist purposes.

Lifted restrictions that previously prevented the Secretary of Defense and commanders in the field from fully using their judgment and expertise.

Mandated future pipeline work to be done by American workers with American-made steel.

North Korea is “slapped” with additional sanctions. North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is replaced with the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).

Opioid crisis was declared a “national emergency” as it devastated communities. The Trump administration is yet fighting to keep dangerous drugs out of the U.S. by securing land borders, ports of entry, and waterways against smuggling.

President Trump is delivering on his promise to bring back American manufacturing.

Quelled (to thoroughly overwhelm or reduce to submission or passivity) many enemies by recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and moving the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

Rolled back more regulations than any President in history.

Signed the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act to boost the U.S. economy. Also, signed Executive Order to expedite environmental reviews and approvals for high priority infrastructure projects.

Trump signs Presidential Memorandum to investigate Chinese theft of intellectual property.

Under President Trump, job openings outnumber the unemployed for the first time on record.

Veterans Affairs increases transparency and accountability by launching a new online tool, providing Veterans access to wait time and quality of care data. Veterans Affairs hotline is fully staffed to serve Veterans 24/7, with staff consisting of 90% Veterans.

Withdrew the U.S. from the job-killing Trans-Pacific Partnership & the Paris Climate Agreement.

Xray vision: “Together, we are building a safe, strong, and proud America.” – Donald J. Trump

Youth unemployment recently reached its lowest level in more than 50 years.

Zenith accomplishments in less than 4 years. With a 2nd term, America’s BEST days and BLESSED days are ahead of us.

The America We Love Foundation